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Anagrams About the Pre-Flood World: More Fascinating Proofs in Genesis

Cain's social enterprise operated under the rule of carnal law; basically the dictum, "Do as thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law." As his world order flourished over multiple centuries, it was aided and abetted by angelic entities who left their original estate in service to the Most High God in favor of joining Satan's rebellion. The Old World Order was a society of unprecedented technological achievements, angelic-human hybrids, machine-human hybrids, and chimera life forms. The biosphere and earth's ecosystem were being systemically destroyed. All while the inhabitants immersed themselves in idolatry, witchcraft, and every moral degeneracy imaginable. Evil was literally worshiped.

The moral and physical toxicity were exceeded only by a hatred of God and all who professed allegiance to him. It was a perilous time for anyone who clung to the testimony of Adam's repentance and model of sacrifice for sin to honor his Creator. The Old World Order was a world where man was elevated to god. The hatred of God, destruction of the earth, and persecution of the righteous was the catalyst for Divine Intervention. Anagrams from the phrase, *The Earth Was Corrupt And Filled With Violence* provide superb insight. Anagrams are in quotes.

“Ancient descriptive? Wrathful, hollow-hearted.”
“Devil-worship ethical now. Threatful. Recanted.”
“White-hot sacred talent in powerful arch-devil.”
“Wealthier technocrat flaunted devil-worship.”

“Evil flash eradicant. Worthwhile unprotected.”
“Thievish hatred wanted all-powerful necrotic.”
“Well! Wrathful hinderer. Sociopathic vendetta.”
“Threatful. Hollower wanted viperish accident.”
“Devilish hire heat. Put contract down. Farewell!”

“Cheerful, patricidal vendettas on while wroth.”
“Dwarfish prenatal unloved. White-hot electric.”

“Devil-shaped fornicate while reluctant wroth.”
“Authentic, cloddish were-wolf thrive prenatal.”
“Authentic were-wolf. Advanced trophies thrill.”

“Wholehearted, unloved witchcraft reptilians.”
“Horrific, paederast witch hunt neat, well loved.”
“Witch hunt. Now coldhearted pilferer salivate.”
“Witch now hunt all over the place. Sad, terrified.”
“Hard-core witch hunt prenatal. Loved wifeliest.”
“Hardcore witch-hunt. Loved wifeliest, prenatal.”

“Paederast flinched not. Lucrative, worthwhile.”

“White halo distract – deliver powerful enchant.”

“Perfection! Lavish worthwhile, ultra-decadent.”
“Stealthful rich? Veneration. Low-paid? Wretched.” 
 “Wrathful, anarchic elite swindled over-the-top.”
“Worthwhile plundered. Salivate if technocrat.” 

“Throw up relevant Hallowed? Scientific hatred.”
“Threaten hallowed. Feverish, critical put-down.”
“Heroic clan law hatred. Filthiest put-down ever.”
“Chronicle a law hatred. Filthiest put-down ever.”

“Clear civil traps. Renowned deathful white-hot.”
“Two-hundred whiplash of alternative electric.”

Easy to understand what brought the Flood Judgment upon the earth; and why the angels who left their first estate where incarcerated in chains in blackest darkness until the Day of Judgment at the end of the age.

“Accord worthwhile. Rainiest vendetta helpful.”
“Throw up swift hellhole. Deviant incarcerated.”

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