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Anagrams About Noah's Flood: More Fascinating Proofs in Genesis

When God completed Creation, He surveyed His work and noted it was “very good.” Yet, in less than a thousand years (or as can be said in God’s time-frame – before the day was over) man in collusion with Satan had succeeded in generating such destruction that only ‘removal of surface material and thorough flushing with water’ could re-set the earth to a state where God could continue His long range plan – restoring man and creation to full fellowship with Him through the promised Seed of the Woman.

With the birth of Adam and Eve’s son Seth, a lineage began that clung to obedience of the then known principles of God. The patriarch Noah and his family (eight souls) were what remained of this lineage to bridge the gap between the “old” and “new” worlds.
In the Bible, eight represents new beginnings–thus the purpose of the flood.

A fascinating find in this exercise is the word nautilus, from the Greek nautilos-literally sailor, and naiads-nymphs presiding over rivers and springs in Greek mythology. (For more understanding of how the Greeks clearly understood the historical veracity of the Great Deluge, check out Robert Bowie Johnson Jr.'s books, The Parthenon Code: Mankind's History in Marble, and Noah in Ancient Greek Art.) Also, intriguing is the mention of Neanderthaloid – proof that species tampering via attempts to combine dissimilar created beings was causing the human race to devolve from the original image and likeness of the Creator. This was likely a ploy to remove the divine stamp of the Creator from mankind and prevent the manifestation of the Seed of the Woman prophesied to one day crush the head of the serpent.

Forty days and nights of steady rain was not the only source of flooding during the Great Deluge. The Biblical account states that “all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.”

Jesus' warning recorded in Matthew 24:37-39 clearly states when He returns the world will be the same way it was during Noah's life prior to the flood judgment. Anagrams taken from the phrase Noah's Flood - Antediluvian Era provide a realistic view from both Heaven's perspective and the earthly recipients of this 'rainiest vendetta' brought on by man's rebellion.

God judges with perfect righteousness in every situation. The wickedness of man was carefully evaluated before dispensing judgment. Here is just a sampling of the transgressions the anagrams displayed.

                                 “Arisen and hold evaluation of.”
                                 “Oh No! Failed and revaluations.”
                            “Oh No! And Evaluator finalised.”
                            “Overhead and a final solution.”
                            “Value to an old-fashioned rain.”
                            “Violation and flushed on area.

Satanism, lying, and revolt against God and the divine order of creation were judged.
                           “Invade loud hailer-of on Satan.”
                                “Handed evaluation of on liars.”
                           “Aha! And failed on revolutions.”
                           “Hosanna if dared evolutional.”

 Abuse and misuse of lower creation was judged.

                            “Alleviate hand of on dinosaur.”

Substance abuse was judged.

                            “Evaluations of heroin and lad.”

Fraud and deviousness was the standard.

                                 “Handler of a devious national.”
                                 “Oh No! Frauds alone invalidate.”
Just like today, the environment and created species were corrupted beyond remedy due to genetic modification, depletion of fresh water, ocean pollution, deforestation, atmospheric spraying, genetic tampering, and bio-engineered disease.

                           “Oh no! Fields and a revaluation.”
                           “Handles evaluation of on arid.”
                           “Halve of around desalination.”
                           “Defoliation and an overhauls.”
                           “As foul innovational adhered.”
                           “Hard evaluations of non-ideal.”
                           “Visual of on a Neanderthaloid.”
                           “Ha! Fooled on via ruined natals.”
                           “Eh! A load of viral inundates on.”
                           “Eh! Load on of an Antivirals due.”

Warnings and alerts resounded throughout the entire world civilization, but there were no resources to contend with the immensity of the catastrophe. Once the windows of the firmament were opened, the flood covered the entire earth annihilating all people, except for Noah and his family aboard the ark.
                           “Head do of national, universal.”
                                “I, fountainhead on El Salvador.”
                                “Sound national!! Overhead fail!” 
                                “Undo overheads. National fail.”
                           “Slain foundational overhead.”
                                “A Flood One dial. Nature vanish.” 

Some realized the depth of their transgression as the flooding intensified, but it was too late.
                                “A handful reasoned violation.” 
                                “And a frivolous national heed.”
                                “Eh! Load on of altar’s due in vain.”
                                “Deaf and honours alleviation.” 
The fountains of the deep were broken up.
                               “Oh! Deal on of a virulent Naiads.”
                               “Oh! Deal on of Naiads turn alive!” 

Noah, perfect in his generations, was preserved.
                               “An unloaded. Hail! Favorite son.” 
                               “Oh! Lead on of dear nautilis van!”
                               “Oh! Lead on of I, unvaried natals.”
                               “Shield on a favoured national.”
                               “Favour on a shielded national.”
                               “Alone unshared of validation.” 

The rainbow was given as a sign of the covenant promise. This glorious display spanning the firmament was a first, because prior to the Flood, it had never rained. The earth was watered by a mist that emanated upwards from the earth.

                               “Lo, a end of...Oh! Unveils a radiant!”
                          “Lo! Had one of radiant values in!”

Noah's Flood - Antediluvian Era contains much more material describing the fascinating yet terrifying picture of life during an age when cyborgs and super-humans dominated the earth, and the panic and horror experienced by a world faced with divine reckoning. You'll find the complete account in

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