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Anagrams About Cain and Abel: More Fascinating Proofs in Genesis

Though banished from paradise, God was still in communication with his creation made in his image and likeness. But the compromise of man's spiritual connection with God demanded that man acknowledge his sinful condition and seek forgiveness even as he sought continued fellowship with his Creator. Man's acknowledgement of his spiritual condition and approach to God were to be prefaced by a blood sacrifice of an animal. This precedent was established in Eden when an animal was killed to provide coats of skin to cover Adam and Eve. It was a type of the efficacious offering of the Lamb of God who would one day come to take away the sins of the world, and the only offering acceptable to God. God would acknowledge his acceptance of the sacrifice by the holy fire of his Presence descending from heaven and consuming the offering.

Despite the crippling compromise of unregenerate spirituality, man still had a conscience, and possessed the ability to make choices. Man could choose to show kindness, compassion, and love; or ugliness, selfishness, and vengefulness. And man could choose to approach God the way God had directed, or attempt to approach God as a mere human saw fit.  

The tangled web of human sin began with a just few strands - lying, rebellion, fear, guilt, and shame. Now within the first generation of mankind those strands evolved into a fearsome snare that included jealousy, hatred, and murder. Cain killed Abel because Abel's works were righteous, and Cain's were not. Cain could have asked for or bartered for an animal from Abel's flock to properly prepare a sacrifice. But he felt his garden and orchard produce should be just as good and God should accept that - after all, he was bringing the best of it. Against this backdrop, we examine select anagrams from the phrases *Cain’s Vegetable Offering-Abel’s Animal Sacrifice*, *Vegetables: Rejection Flock Sacrifice: Accepted*, and *Cain’s Produce Sacrifice and Familiar Murder*. The anagrams are enclosed in quotes.

 *Cain’s Vegetable Offering-Abel’s Animal Sacrifice*

“Self favorite? Grace insignificance. Else, baa lamb.”

“Farcical egomaniac envisages fireball benefits.”

“I Am in fireball inaccessible. Offences aggravate.”

“Greenest off-balance. I came. Braincase vigil fails.”
“Graceless if I coffin a saint. Grievance. Blameable.”

*Vegetables: Rejection Flock Sacrifice: Accepted*

“Speckled objective – clean certificates of grace.”
“Special effective grace ‘bestial’. Jerk concocted.”
“Objective farcical. Sick of gentle respected ace.”
“Fertile Crescent pig-faced ace cloaks objective.” 

One of the anagrams in this phrase appears to suggest that Cain prepared a beverage for his brother that incapacitated him in some way prior to murdering him. Not proven, but definitely not impossible.

“Jerk concocted ill-effects capacities beverage.”
“Objective – grace? Offences! A tactic precedes kill.”
“Scarface. Skeptical reflect genocide objective.”

 “Objective stone-age traffic circle speckled ace.”
 “Freak objective. Perfect! Classical genetic code.”

*Cain’s Produce Sacrifice and Familiar Murder*

“I’m a cruel and scar-faced, perfidious criminal.”
“Careful, I’m accursed! Am red of Disciplinarian.”

Cain never repented of his trespass and left the encounter with God a marked man - marked as a warning that no one was to kill him to avenge the murder of his brother. He removed to another area and founded a community devoid of worship of or allegiance to God. As the next several centuries elapsed, his social enterprise evolved into a world order similar to the one we live under today. Follow the story with your own copy of Holy Grams.

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