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Anagrams About Noah's Flood: More Fascinating Proofs in Genesis

When God completed Creation, He surveyed His work and noted it was “very good.” Yet, in less than a thousand years (or as can be said in God’s time-frame – before the day was over) man in collusion with Satan had succeeded in generating such destruction that only ‘removal of surface material and thorough flushing with water’ could re-set the earth to a state where God could continue His long range plan – restoring man and creation to full fellowship with Him through the promised Seed of the Woman.

With the birth of Adam and Eve’s son Seth, a lineage began that clung to obedience of the then known principles of God. The patriarch Noah and his family (eight souls) were what remained of this lineage to bridge the gap between the “old” and “new” worlds.
In the Bible, eight represents new beginnings–thus the purpose of the flood.

A fascinating find in this exercise is the word nautilus, from the Greek nautilos-literally sailor, and naiads-nymphs presiding over rivers and springs in Greek mythology. (For more understanding of how the Greeks clearly understood the historical veracity of the Great Deluge, check out Robert Bowie Johnson Jr.'s books, The Parthenon Code: Mankind's History in Marble, and Noah in Ancient Greek Art.) Also, intriguing is the mention of Neanderthaloid – proof that species tampering via attempts to combine dissimilar created beings was causing the human race to devolve from the original image and likeness of the Creator. This was likely a ploy to remove the divine stamp of the Creator from mankind and prevent the manifestation of the Seed of the Woman prophesied to one day crush the head of the serpent.

Forty days and nights of steady rain was not the only source of flooding during the Great Deluge. The Biblical account states that “all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.”

Jesus' warning recorded in Matthew 24:37-39 clearly states when He returns the world will be the same way it was during Noah's life prior to the flood judgment. Anagrams taken from the phrase Noah's Flood - Antediluvian Era provide a realistic view from both Heaven's perspective and the earthly recipients of this 'rainiest vendetta' brought on by man's rebellion.

God judges with perfect righteousness in every situation. The wickedness of man was carefully evaluated before dispensing judgment. Here is just a sampling of the transgressions the anagrams displayed.

                                 “Arisen and hold evaluation of.”
                                 “Oh No! Failed and revaluations.”
                            “Oh No! And Evaluator finalised.”
                            “Overhead and a final solution.”
                            “Value to an old-fashioned rain.”
                            “Violation and flushed on area.

Satanism, lying, and revolt against God and the divine order of creation were judged.
                           “Invade loud hailer-of on Satan.”
                                “Handed evaluation of on liars.”
                           “Aha! And failed on revolutions.”
                           “Hosanna if dared evolutional.”

 Abuse and misuse of lower creation was judged.

                            “Alleviate hand of on dinosaur.”

Substance abuse was judged.

                            “Evaluations of heroin and lad.”

Fraud and deviousness was the standard.

                                 “Handler of a devious national.”
                                 “Oh No! Frauds alone invalidate.”
Just like today, the environment and created species were corrupted beyond remedy due to genetic modification, depletion of fresh water, ocean pollution, deforestation, atmospheric spraying, genetic tampering, and bio-engineered disease.

                           “Oh no! Fields and a revaluation.”
                           “Handles evaluation of on arid.”
                           “Halve of around desalination.”
                           “Defoliation and an overhauls.”
                           “As foul innovational adhered.”
                           “Hard evaluations of non-ideal.”
                           “Visual of on a Neanderthaloid.”
                           “Ha! Fooled on via ruined natals.”
                           “Eh! A load of viral inundates on.”
                           “Eh! Load on of an Antivirals due.”

Warnings and alerts resounded throughout the entire world civilization, but there were no resources to contend with the immensity of the catastrophe. Once the windows of the firmament were opened, the flood covered the entire earth annihilating all people, except for Noah and his family aboard the ark.
                           “Head do of national, universal.”
                                “I, fountainhead on El Salvador.”
                                “Sound national!! Overhead fail!” 
                                “Undo overheads. National fail.”
                           “Slain foundational overhead.”
                                “A Flood One dial. Nature vanish.” 

Some realized the depth of their transgression as the flooding intensified, but it was too late.
                                “A handful reasoned violation.” 
                                “And a frivolous national heed.”
                                “Eh! Load on of altar’s due in vain.”
                                “Deaf and honours alleviation.” 
The fountains of the deep were broken up.
                               “Oh! Deal on of a virulent Naiads.”
                               “Oh! Deal on of Naiads turn alive!” 

Noah, perfect in his generations, was preserved.
                               “An unloaded. Hail! Favorite son.” 
                               “Oh! Lead on of dear nautilis van!”
                               “Oh! Lead on of I, unvaried natals.”
                               “Shield on a favoured national.”
                               “Favour on a shielded national.”
                               “Alone unshared of validation.” 

The rainbow was given as a sign of the covenant promise. This glorious display spanning the firmament was a first, because prior to the Flood, it had never rained. The earth was watered by a mist that emanated upwards from the earth.

                               “Lo, a end of...Oh! Unveils a radiant!”
                          “Lo! Had one of radiant values in!”

Noah's Flood - Antediluvian Era contains much more material describing the fascinating yet terrifying picture of life during an age when cyborgs and super-humans dominated the earth, and the panic and horror experienced by a world faced with divine reckoning. You'll find the complete account in

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Anagrams About the Pre-Flood World: More Fascinating Proofs in Genesis

Cain's social enterprise operated under the rule of carnal law; basically the dictum, "Do as thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law." As his world order flourished over multiple centuries, it was aided and abetted by angelic entities who left their original estate in service to the Most High God in favor of joining Satan's rebellion. The Old World Order was a society of unprecedented technological achievements, angelic-human hybrids, machine-human hybrids, and chimera life forms. The biosphere and earth's ecosystem were being systemically destroyed. All while the inhabitants immersed themselves in idolatry, witchcraft, and every moral degeneracy imaginable. Evil was literally worshiped.

The moral and physical toxicity were exceeded only by a hatred of God and all who professed allegiance to him. It was a perilous time for anyone who clung to the testimony of Adam's repentance and model of sacrifice for sin to honor his Creator. The Old World Order was a world where man was elevated to god. The hatred of God, destruction of the earth, and persecution of the righteous was the catalyst for Divine Intervention. Anagrams from the phrase, *The Earth Was Corrupt And Filled With Violence* provide superb insight. Anagrams are in quotes.

“Ancient descriptive? Wrathful, hollow-hearted.”
“Devil-worship ethical now. Threatful. Recanted.”
“White-hot sacred talent in powerful arch-devil.”
“Wealthier technocrat flaunted devil-worship.”

“Evil flash eradicant. Worthwhile unprotected.”
“Thievish hatred wanted all-powerful necrotic.”
“Well! Wrathful hinderer. Sociopathic vendetta.”
“Threatful. Hollower wanted viperish accident.”
“Devilish hire heat. Put contract down. Farewell!”

“Cheerful, patricidal vendettas on while wroth.”
“Dwarfish prenatal unloved. White-hot electric.”

“Devil-shaped fornicate while reluctant wroth.”
“Authentic, cloddish were-wolf thrive prenatal.”
“Authentic were-wolf. Advanced trophies thrill.”

“Wholehearted, unloved witchcraft reptilians.”
“Horrific, paederast witch hunt neat, well loved.”
“Witch hunt. Now coldhearted pilferer salivate.”
“Witch now hunt all over the place. Sad, terrified.”
“Hard-core witch hunt prenatal. Loved wifeliest.”
“Hardcore witch-hunt. Loved wifeliest, prenatal.”

“Paederast flinched not. Lucrative, worthwhile.”

“White halo distract – deliver powerful enchant.”

“Perfection! Lavish worthwhile, ultra-decadent.”
“Stealthful rich? Veneration. Low-paid? Wretched.” 
 “Wrathful, anarchic elite swindled over-the-top.”
“Worthwhile plundered. Salivate if technocrat.” 

“Throw up relevant Hallowed? Scientific hatred.”
“Threaten hallowed. Feverish, critical put-down.”
“Heroic clan law hatred. Filthiest put-down ever.”
“Chronicle a law hatred. Filthiest put-down ever.”

“Clear civil traps. Renowned deathful white-hot.”
“Two-hundred whiplash of alternative electric.”

Easy to understand what brought the Flood Judgment upon the earth; and why the angels who left their first estate where incarcerated in chains in blackest darkness until the Day of Judgment at the end of the age.

“Accord worthwhile. Rainiest vendetta helpful.”
“Throw up swift hellhole. Deviant incarcerated.”

The next post will provide highlights from the Great Deluge. But why wait? Order Holy Grams today. You'll never look at the Bible quite the same way again.

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Anagrams About Cain and Abel: More Fascinating Proofs in Genesis

Though banished from paradise, God was still in communication with his creation made in his image and likeness. But the compromise of man's spiritual connection with God demanded that man acknowledge his sinful condition and seek forgiveness even as he sought continued fellowship with his Creator. Man's acknowledgement of his spiritual condition and approach to God were to be prefaced by a blood sacrifice of an animal. This precedent was established in Eden when an animal was killed to provide coats of skin to cover Adam and Eve. It was a type of the efficacious offering of the Lamb of God who would one day come to take away the sins of the world, and the only offering acceptable to God. God would acknowledge his acceptance of the sacrifice by the holy fire of his Presence descending from heaven and consuming the offering.

Despite the crippling compromise of unregenerate spirituality, man still had a conscience, and possessed the ability to make choices. Man could choose to show kindness, compassion, and love; or ugliness, selfishness, and vengefulness. And man could choose to approach God the way God had directed, or attempt to approach God as a mere human saw fit.  

The tangled web of human sin began with a just few strands - lying, rebellion, fear, guilt, and shame. Now within the first generation of mankind those strands evolved into a fearsome snare that included jealousy, hatred, and murder. Cain killed Abel because Abel's works were righteous, and Cain's were not. Cain could have asked for or bartered for an animal from Abel's flock to properly prepare a sacrifice. But he felt his garden and orchard produce should be just as good and God should accept that - after all, he was bringing the best of it. Against this backdrop, we examine select anagrams from the phrases *Cain’s Vegetable Offering-Abel’s Animal Sacrifice*, *Vegetables: Rejection Flock Sacrifice: Accepted*, and *Cain’s Produce Sacrifice and Familiar Murder*. The anagrams are enclosed in quotes.

 *Cain’s Vegetable Offering-Abel’s Animal Sacrifice*

“Self favorite? Grace insignificance. Else, baa lamb.”

“Farcical egomaniac envisages fireball benefits.”

“I Am in fireball inaccessible. Offences aggravate.”

“Greenest off-balance. I came. Braincase vigil fails.”
“Graceless if I coffin a saint. Grievance. Blameable.”

*Vegetables: Rejection Flock Sacrifice: Accepted*

“Speckled objective – clean certificates of grace.”
“Special effective grace ‘bestial’. Jerk concocted.”
“Objective farcical. Sick of gentle respected ace.”
“Fertile Crescent pig-faced ace cloaks objective.” 

One of the anagrams in this phrase appears to suggest that Cain prepared a beverage for his brother that incapacitated him in some way prior to murdering him. Not proven, but definitely not impossible.

“Jerk concocted ill-effects capacities beverage.”
“Objective – grace? Offences! A tactic precedes kill.”
“Scarface. Skeptical reflect genocide objective.”

 “Objective stone-age traffic circle speckled ace.”
 “Freak objective. Perfect! Classical genetic code.”

*Cain’s Produce Sacrifice and Familiar Murder*

“I’m a cruel and scar-faced, perfidious criminal.”
“Careful, I’m accursed! Am red of Disciplinarian.”

Cain never repented of his trespass and left the encounter with God a marked man - marked as a warning that no one was to kill him to avenge the murder of his brother. He removed to another area and founded a community devoid of worship of or allegiance to God. As the next several centuries elapsed, his social enterprise evolved into a world order similar to the one we live under today. Follow the story with your own copy of Holy Grams.

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Anagrams in the Garden of Eden: Fascinating Proofs in Genesis

In my book Holy Grams-past, present, future through anagrams, the phrase *Genesis – Creation and Fall of Man* is anagrammed for clues to the chain of events leading up to Adam and Eve's disobedience and banishment from paradise. This punishment included loss of an enhanced physical state and vulnerability to death. Consequences of their actions also led to the sacrifice of an animal to create coverings for them, and the promise of a Redeemer who would one day restore mankind back to intimate fellowship with his Creator.

Below in quotes is a sampling of the anagrams created from the phrase *Genesis – Creation and Fall of Man*.

“Female scandalising afternoon.”
“An off-center alongside animals.”
“Lad slag-off Senior maintenance.”
“Innocent earn slag-off maladies.”
“Satan clean domineer in slag-off.”

Remember the fig leaf aprons the couple crafted when they realized they were naked?

“Malfeasant. Considering on ...leaf.”

And how they hid from the voice of the Lord God?

“Malignant ...feared confessional.”

Bloodshed had never occurred in the idyllic paradise of Eden. But without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin.

“Offences and angel or ‘tis animal.”
“Animal. Cleanest or as offending.”
“Son’s offending. Lacerate animal.”
“Angriness. Cold feet of an animal.”

Fortunately, before the first sin was ever committed, Jesus Christ-the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world - was foreordained to pay the price for mankind's sinful condition and restore him to fellowship with God. This prophecy is alluded to in Isaiah 9:6-7, and is shown fulfilled in Colossians 2:14 and Luke 10:18-19.
“Infant, endearing. Colossal fame.”
 “Nail offences, large damnations.”
“Saintdom’s Ace of infernal angel.”

Individual words that can be made from letters in the anagrammed phrase are also quite insightful:

“self-determining” “self-condemnation” “conflagrations”
 “organic disease”  “Renaissance man”

See all the anagrams associated with this topic in

Next, we'll look at the story of Cain and Abel.

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What AI Does In My Hand

And the Lord said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod...And thou shalt take this rod in thine hand, wherewith thou shalt do signs...Exodus 4:2, 4:17

Sentiment about AI runs the gamut from those eager to embrace every new technological breakthrough, to those who view it with fear and loathing. The builders of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) seek to create a global encompassing computing system that mimics the way human brains work using artificial neural networks.

Simultaneously, developers are also perfecting a neural link device that will connect human brains to this AI neural network. A looming concern is that human enhancement and augmentation will be necessary to co-exist with AI; as advances in machine learning will ultimately enable AI to educate itself and become the dominate force over all aspects of life.

When the roles of the machine and operator are blurred, or at the extreme reversed, a dangerous situation exists. Comparing this scenario to the scriptures above, suppose the rod Moses was handling wrested itself from his control and began to prod and direct him - even strike and injure him if he wouldn't comply?

In II Corinthians 10:4-5 the Apostle Paul assures us the weapons of a disciple of Christ ...are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of  Christ. In Philippians 2:9-11, he further stresses that God has given Christ a name which is above every name: that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven and things in earth, and things under the earth; and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

AI - though sentient, lacks a God-breathed soul, or spirit which can be brought under conviction. It will never voluntarily subject itself to the sovereignty of  God and confess Jesus Christ as Lord. Therefore, its only lawful use is as a tool to be forcefully wielded to demonstrate the glory and power of God. 

In the biblical record, Moses cast down his rod and it transformed into a serpent. Pharaoh's magicians duplicated the feat and their rods also became serpents. But Moses' rod swallowed theirs.

God never leaves himself without a witness. As a rod in my hand, computer generated anagrams are part of the last days witness to the world: proving the validity of the biblical record and confirming prophecies yet to be fulfilled. See for yourself.

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AI and the Bible

Computer generated anagrams.


A whole new way of viewing and validating the Bible and biblical prophecy. Essentially, "a top, grand grace measurement"...which just happens to be an anagram of the phrase, "computer generated anagrams."

My fascination with wordsmithing began around 2005, when I noticed how words can hold a similar meaning or linking interest when their letters are rearranged; such as 'listen' anagramming to 'silent', or 'hurricane' anagramming to 'Reach? Ruin.'

Proverbs 25:2 states, It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. Always a student of Bible prophecy, I began to wonder if anagrams might also reveal insight into the things written about the end of days, and scripture in general. To create anagrams from such complex topics, I realized I would need an advanced program. My search to find the best anagramming utility available led me to William Tunstall-Pedoe's Anagram Genius.

With permission from the creator of Anagram Genius to republish anagrams from his proprietary program, I authored my first book  in 2009: "If Words Could Talk." It was very voluminous and bulky reading. This is because while I was working on the manuscript, the more I researched subjects relating to the perilous times of this era, the more frightening the insight revealed. Subjects considered taboo and conspiracy theory were unmasked in disturbing detail. I began to feel that perhaps I was recklessly un-gloving the hidden hand; exposing too much, too soon. Subsequently, I withdrew the book from the market.

Almost a decade would pass before I would revisit the manuscript; greatly abridging it. I removed  the material directly relating to the New World Order; and redirected the focus on Biblical scripture and revealing details of end time prophecy. Funny thing about it, in spite of the good intentions of my editing,  I still found it impossible to interpret Bible prophecy without  exposing the dark hand of principalities and powers, spiritual wickedness in high places, rulers of the darkness of this world, and allegiance of those who serve this darkness.  The end result? Holy Grams - past, present, future through anagrams.

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Write the Vision

Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Habakkuk 2:2

All my writings point back to the original Author, the One whose word is forever settled in heaven. His writings are divinely inspired, alive, powerful, and unchanging. Because this Word is eternal, it reveals eternity past and eternity future. I have been privileged by his Spirit to understand details of the past, gain insight into the present, and glimpse things that are yet to come.

I’ve shared these revelations in Holy Grams and Message to Judah.

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